Small tips, big utility

Useful information

Visa and passport

  • To enter the Maldives, no pre-arrival visa is required
  • A 30 days free visa is issued on arrival
  • Your passport must be valid for a period of at least 6 months after return


  • The Maldivian Rufiyaa is the currency of Maldives
  • On board you will be able to pay in euros, dollars and Suiss francs
  • It is better to pay by cash to avoid credit card fees
  • Don’t forget to withdraw before getting on board to be free to have a drink, to buy some souvenirs or to give tips to the crew! Cash machines are available at the airport.


  • No vaccination is compulsory for entering the Maldives (unless you are flying from tropical Africa)
  • Remember to take some medicines in case of migraine or stomach ache
  • Ear drops to prevent otitis
  • Reef safe sun cream… of course! 

Jet lag

  • + 3 hours in summer, + 4 hours in winter
  • In summer, when it is noon in Paris it is 3pm in Male!
  • In winter, when it is noon in Paris it is 4pm in Male!

Electricity Power

  • On board, the voltage is 220 V and the electric sockets are the same than in France.
  • However in the Maldives, the standard socket is a UK type plug. If you stay in the country after the liveaboard, don’t forget your adapter!

Cultural specificities

Spoken languages

The local language is Maldivian.

Do you have any basis?
No worries! On board, we speak French, English and even Chinese! 


Maldives is an Islamic country. The local law reflects this cultural particularity that is very important to take into account.

The consumption of alcohol is banned: do not bring alcoholic beverages into the country that you could have bought for example at the duty free-shop. On our boats, as well as in touristic hotels, you will be free to drink whatever you wish.  

Bikini: If you spend some time in Hulhumale, you will notice that women don’t wear bikinis. That is why it would be better if you had light sea clothes as well. However on board, no problem! You can were your bikini all you want!

Food and beverage

Fish is the most important staple of the Maldivian diet.
Since the country is influenced by Indian, Sri Lankan and Arabic cultures, species and rice are also two main elements of the Maldivian cuisine. On board, both local cuisine and international menus will be served.As we said before, Maldives is an Islamic country and alcohol consumption is banned. However, on board and in the tourist hotels, you will be able to drink what you wish!


Do not forget your dive insurance before traveling!

Diving is a high-risk sport and insurance is compulsory.
Before getting on board you must provide proof of insurance.
Do you already have dive insurance?

FFESSM Certification

If you have a FFESSM certification, you necessarily have a public liability insurance which represents your legal obligation. This insurance protects you against small damages. We strongly advise you to ask for more information regarding your insurance. Repatriation costs or hospital cost in the Maldives can be very high in case you have an accident.

FFESSM also offers other types of insurance. If you get a FFESSM certification, you might ask to the federation about further details.

You do not have any dive insurance

General insurance
Ask to your personal insurance or other insurance whether they have special offers regarding high-risk sport.

Dan insurance
This is an international and renowned dive insurance. To get more information, visit their website or contact them. 
With Dune Maldives, you can subscribe to a “mini” DAN insurance in case you have forgotten your proof of insurance. We do not necessarily recommend it and advice our divers to have insurance before traveling. It is important to take time to know exactly how dive insurances provide protection.