Phil Simha around the world

In love with diving, Phil Simha traveled and visited the seabed all around the world

With his camera, he likes to freeze his moments lived underwater. Each ocean has its particularity and each dive its surprises. 
To shoot the immensity or the detail, the biggest or the smallest, the light or the obscurity, it is the diversity and the contrast of the underwater life that Phil Simha likes to capture taking photos.  

His experiences around the world 

What is Phil’s favourite destination? You won’t believe it... it is the Maldives! Why? For various reasons such as the fact that there is no industrial fishing; the preservation and the diversity of the species; the meeting with big species and small pelagic; and the wild but peaceful sea side. Since his first visit he keeps amazed every time he dives into the Maldives’ sea world. 

However, if we ask him about his craziest dive experiences, he would rather talk about a -250 meters dive in the Cocos Island or about a week diving with humpback whales in the Sylver Bank in the Dominican Republic. 

Another experience he would like to highlight is the work he did with the free diver Herbert Nitsch. Phil had the great opportunity to travel by his side and take picture of him during his last No-limit world record, a -253 meters free dive!  

Photos' caption

1. Eagle Ray - Galapagos Islands - Ecuador
2. Nudibranch - Komodo - Indonesia
3. Alcyonary - Red Sea - Egypt
4. Grey shark - Cuba
5. Fusilier fish shoal - Bali - Indonesia
6. Dolphins - Red Sea - Egypt
7. Herbert Nitsch – free diving
8. Clownfish in the sun
9. Humpback whale - Sylver Bank - Dominican Republic