Phil Simha in the Maldives

A magical meeting with the Manta rays

Last year, Phil Simha was amazed by meeting tens of Manta rays while sailing with us in the Maldives. It was in the Hanifaru bay that the dream came true, “a mystic place” as he says. 

Diving with Manta rays is for Phil Simha a “magical moment”.
Why? Because “when we are able to deeply look in Manta ray’s eyes, we can feel a real intelligent relationship”. 
The most exceptional, he says, is that you are going to this very small dive spot and suddenly, 10,20,30,40, 50 are coming and start dancing with you, flying around you. Obsessed by the plankton they are eating, they almost go into a trans. A lot of emotions and for the ones who like to take photos, it is a really special moment offered to your camera.

A unique experience that could be summarized by the following sentence: “Beyond what is in my memory card, it is fixed in my memory and for the rest of my life I will keep it with me.” 

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