The Maldives, climate and paradisiacal landscapes

The Maldives

The Maldives or Republic of Maldives is a South East Asia country located in the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka and India.

From North to South, the natural chain of 26 atolls composed by 1200 islands stretches in more than 800km. Each atoll is made by a lagoon and/or an island surrounded by a reef. Natural paths are made to allow you to get in and out the atolls. The reef is a natural protection for the island, preventing the beaches erosion and conserving the beauty of the places. Inside the atolls, the deepest point goes around 90 meters rather than outside it is around 2000 meters!

Sun, crystal clear water, sandy white beaches, lagoon and desert islands… In addition of what? An underwater amazing richness…

A paradise on hearth for a diving trip!

In the Maldives, we have good weather!

The Maldives have a tropical climate, hot all year round with temperatures that go from 26 to 32°C. The average water temperature is about 26°C. It is the perfect climate to organize your diving holidays!

There are 2 seasons in the Maldives influenced by the monsoons:
  • From December to April is the North-East monsoon. It is the high season, the better time to go. The sea is quiet and the water very clear.
  • From May to December is the South-West monsoon. The sea is rougher and it is frequently raining. But the climate stays warm and the rain never last too long. 

When to go?

With Dune, you can come to the Maldives all year round!

It is possible to dive all year round in the Maldives both during dry and wet season.

In order to offer you the best conditions to dive, we especially decide our liveaboards itineraries in line with the climate conditions.