Discover the most famous dive sites of the Maldives! 

Some Dune Maldives itineraries enjoy a special craze from the divers. We highly recommend you to take inspiration from these programs to select your dream diving safari!  Located in the Indian Ocean, 600 km from the Asian continent, the Maldives archipelago comprises 26 atolls stretching 823 km from North to South and 130 km from East to West. Come to discover the most famous diving spots and sail among this chain of paradisiacal islands on one of our Dune Maldives itineraries.

Exoticism, pleasant climate, fishy waters and large marine animals are the main assets of the Maldives. Take the opportunity to discover this vast territory by diving in the most beautiful reefs of the archipelago, sailing comfortably aboard one Dune Maldives vessels.

DUNE take you to Maldives !

DUNE take you to Maldives !

By expanding its range of dream diving cruises in the Maldives, DUNE wants to satisfy your "desire of elsewhere" with remarkable tours, each with a special charm, to meet the unique biodiversity of the Maldives. Each dive trip in the Maldives allows new encounters, thanks to the knowledge of Dune Maldives guides. Try a wide variety of night and day dives: channels, thilas, drop offs ... You will fulfill a diver dream: meeting whale sharks, mantas, sharks and other megafauna, enjoying colorful seascapes, swimming among big schools of fishes...  For divers, the archipelago is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet thanks to its clear waters and exceptional biodiversity. A DUNE Maldives diving safari is definitely the best way to enjoy its paradisiacal backgrounds.