Our must-see liveaboard safaris in the Maldives

Are you traveling in a group ? With friends ? On your own ? We offer various liveaboard safaris in the Maldives, from North to South, on the unmissable diving sites of the Indian Ocean.

During your cruise, you'll sail on a turquoise sea, spattered with white sandy islands and palm trees. These islands are surrounded by coral reefs and a myriad of multicolored fishes. The water temperature fluctuates between 27°C and 29°C throughout the year.

With either our “best-of” or our must-see, our liveaboard safaris in the Maldives fulfill most divers' wishes. Learn all about our selection and you shall find your dream diving itinerary.  


Diving in the Maldives will give you exceptional sensations ! Dive in a warm water, between 27°C and 29°C all year long and discover a rich and unique biodiversity. Each atoll has its particularity. The liveaboard safaris organized in the Maldives throughout the year allow you to make different encounters. The Deep South safaris, for example, take place during the migration periods every 3 or 4 months. At this time the current from Oceania combined with the change of wind direction transforms the Maldivian waters into a real pantry for pelagic fishes. Powerful currents push the ocean water inside the atolls where it is naturally slowed and warmed up, creating a plankton bloom. On the other side of the atoll, where the water goes out, the water is full of plankton. It is the perfect place and time to encounter manta rays and whale sharks.