North Route 14 Nights

Liveaboard in the Noth Maldives

With its 1200 islands, the Maldives will offer you amazing dives with a diversified fauna and flora : turtles, rays (eagle, manta), sharks (whitetip reef, zebra, grey reef), barracudas, tunas !

With around 1,200 islands, the Maldives offers exceptional dives with a wide range of underwater flora and fauna. The North Route will take you to the barely explored reefs, pelagic cleaning stations, colorful coral and anemone gardens in exceptionally pristine ocean. Experience the memorable interactions with a broad variety of marine life from manta rays, guitar sharks, leopard sharks, down to schools of brilliant small fish in this dream circuit.

The itinerary description of the liveaboard safari is only informative as these itineraries shall be adapted to weather conditions, currents and the divers' wishes and levels. 


  • Day 1 Hulhumalé

    Hulhumalé Dune’s staff will pick up at Malé International Airport and bring you to Soleil 2 for boarding. Refreshments are offered while getting information you need from our Cruise Director. Dinner will be served in the evening. As soon as all the guests are on board and settled in, we will set sail to the first dive site.

  • Day 2 North Malé Atoll > Baa Atoll

    North Malé Atoll > Baa Atoll The trip will start with discovering the dazzling long reefs and manta point in North Malé Atoll. At about 15 meters deep only, the sites forge the best condition to observe manta rays. Marine life here is diverse and plentiful. Apart from that, some of the most beautiful pinnacles here will also give you exceptional and colorful memories.

  • Day 3 Baa Atoll

    Baa Atoll In the numerous reefs of Baa Atoll, multiplicity of marine life ranging from fishes to turtles and even the giant filter feeders, blended topography of hard and soft corals, diversity in underwater environment of plateaus, overhangs, pinnacles, and swim throughs are all yours to plunge in. All the above make Baa Atoll a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve back in June 2011.

  • Day 4 Baa Atoll

    Baa Atoll The famous Hanifaru Bay, located on the eastern side of Baa Atoll, is one of the marine protected areas. From August to November, both whale sharks and manta rays aggregate here to devour the zooplankton blooms brought by the southwest monsoon. Under regulations, only snorkeling is allowed here, but there are many fascinating dive sites to delight in nearby.

  • Day 5 Baa Atoll > Raa Atoll

    Baa Atoll > Raa Atoll After satisfying all the desires to get up close with the pelagic giants, the cruise will move up to the Raa Atoll. More thila and giri dives will be done at the outer reef. Plunge into the aquarium of mother nature, meeting the exceptional collection of parrotfish, unicornfish, gobies, basslets, and fusiliers along with jacks, tunas, stingrays, and napoleon wrasses.

  • Day 6 Raa Atoll > Shaviyani Atoll

    Raa Atoll > Shaviyani Atoll Cruising north to explore the relatively unknown and vibrant reefs. Here you will encounter more of the pelagic fish such as eagle rays, marble rays, grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, silvertip sharks, and even guitar sharks. Keep an eye out the coral reefs or sand banks along the dive, as some of them maybe resting there.

  • Day 7 Shaviyani Atoll > Haa Dhaalu Atoll

    Shaviyani Atoll > Haa Dhaalu Atoll The slightest encroach by human in the far north results in flourishing soft corals and anemone gardens. The nutritious salt water also stimulate rich marine life and as well bring their predators. Black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, leopard sharks,and guitar sharks can be found feeding on swirl of smaller fish.

  • Day 8 Haa Dhaalu Atoll

    Haa Dhaalu Atoll Diving into the serenity, aside from encountering the leopard sharks and guitar sharks, you will also see manta rays and school of trevallies soaring above. Explore the untouched walls, pinnacles, caverns, and sand bank. After dark, you will discover a brand new stimulating marine life with the moray eels, nudibranchs, and lobsters inhabit the mass coral gardens.

  • Day 9 Haa Dhaalu Atoll > Haa Alifu Atoll > Shaviyani Atoll

    Haa Dhaalu Atoll > Haa Alifu Atoll > Shaviyani Atoll As the northmost atoll in the Maldives, Haa Alifu Atoll was opened to international tourism only in 2005. In the pristine pelagic, school of blackfin barracudas, largespot sweetlips, and even manta rays swim alongside you. The long wreck covered in hard corals is also home to leopard sharks, redtooth triggerfish, scorpionfish, and stone fish.

  • Day 10 Shaviyani Atoll > Noonu Atoll

    Shaviyani Atoll > Noonu Atoll Back from the far north, passing through Shaviyani Atoll again and make a few more dives in this splendid region. Take a closer look to the dazzling reefs and encounter guitar sharks, eagle rays, and school of batfish. When night falls, you will be invited to go ashore and indulge yourself in the barbecue dinner on nearby desert island prepared by our crew.

  • Day 11 Noonu Atoll > Lhaviyani Atoll

    Noonu Atoll > Lhaviyani Atoll Grey reef sharks cleaning station, the noteworthy Christmas Tree Rock are what you will dive in here. Observing 20 or more sharks circling around waiting to be cleaned. The pinnacle resembles a Christmas tree with layers of ledges and plateaus are covered in soft, pink corals. Along with the variety of large and small marine life sheltered here wrap around the tree like fairy lights.

  • Day 12 Lhaviyani Atoll

    Lhaviyani Atoll Last chance to meet with the northern stars, sharks, before returning to North Malé Atoll. Here you will not find only wall dive, but also current swept channels that are infested with sharks, including the grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, and black tip reef sharks. Keep looking in the blue and you will often see tunas, barracudas, and eagle rays too.

  • Day 13 Lhaviyani Atoll > North Malé Atoll

    Lhaviyani Atoll > North Malé Atoll Taking you back in time to the 1980's, two ships are sunked here, one of them dramatically protrudes through the surface. Both wrecks are sheathed in prolific hard and soft corals, accommodating the nearby fish life. Exploring to the most, diving in and also setting foot on the paradise. Our crew will lead a visit to the nearby local island just before dinner.

  • Day 14 Atoll Malé Nord

    Atoll Malé Nord In North Malé Atoll you will find stunning long reefs, small caves, colourful corals with prolific marine and reef life once again. Take a closer look at the squirrelfish, bannerfish, oriental sweetlips, frogfish, and nudibranchs. In the afternoon you will come back to Hulhumale marina to spend your last night on board.

  • Day 15 Hulhumalé

    Hulhumalé The trip is arriving at the end. Our crew will arrange transfer to the airport according to your flight schedule once you have had your breakfast on board. We are also glad to help you plan for the day if you have a late flight. Various options are available ranging from snorkeling excursions and booking for accommodations.
    Time to come back home with fantastic memories!

The peculiarity of Dune Maldives is to build the course according to your expectations. The sites and atolls visited are therefore defined according to your preferences, while also taking into account the weather conditions and tides.

Dates & prices

Departures for French-speaking groups:

No departure for now

Departures for English-speaking groups:

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Departures for Chinese-speaking groups:

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Trip code: 224


Cruise services begin on Saturday at the evening meal at 7pm. The marina departure takes place on Sunday morning. Boats return to the marina the following Friday during the early afternoon. Disembarking from the boat can be done anywhere between Friday evening and Saturday morning at 8am. 

  • Transfers from the airport to the boat and to and from the marina. 
  • Double shared cabin accommodation. 
  • 2 to 4 on-board guides (a dive master and instructors) accredited by government authorities. 
  • 12 liter aluminum cylinders + DIN/Int, and diving weights. 
  • 8 to 10 professional and experienced crew members on-board 
  • Three meals a day. 
  • Sheets and blanket (depending on the boat). 
  • Bath towels are changed at least once during the trip, depending on the duration of the cruise. 
  • One evening dedicated to celebrating birthdays, newlyweds or dive anniversaries. 
  • The selected sea route will take into consideration the passengers' wishes. 
  • A map to note down the route taken. 
  • Soft drinks during the meal (Coke and Sprite) (on Theia boat only) 
  • Nitrox - package and fillings per unit. Nitrox is a service offered by Dune and can’t be subject of a refund in the eventuality the compressor is malfunctioning (on Theia boat only) 
  • Maldivian Government Tourist Tax. 
  • Green Tax (on Theia boat only)

Please note: 

  • The dive package will be adjusted according to the number of days in case of a staggered departure and arrival.
  • If the diver does not take part in all the proposed dives for whatever reason - weather, air, or personal reasons, no refund will be made by DUNE France or DUNE Maldives.
  • According to logistical possibilities or passenger wishes, it may be possible to make more dives than those proposed in the planned package. Optional additional dives cost extra.

14-night cruises (15 days on board)

15 days of cruise with full board, including unlimited tea, coffee and water. 
14 nights on board in a shared twin cabin - single cabins cost extra. 
Package includes 31 dives spread from Sunday to Friday of the second week, along with a night dive.

Not included

  • International flights to and from Malé. 
  • The supplement for a superior or sea view cabin. 
  • The supplement for a single cabin. 
  • Cancellation and repatriation insurance. 
  • Soft drinks such as Coke, Sprite, etc. outside meals. 
  • Drinks such as beer, wine, etc., see the bar prices in the annex. 
  • Transfers by speed boat, airplane or seaplane depending on special routes or unscheduled arrivals and departures. (If a passenger wants to take a particular international flight, any extra cost related to the latter will be at the customer's expense).  Training, optional dives, rentals and on-board services 
  • Tips for the crew, recommended at $12 per person per day spent on board, could be given at the end of the stay before leaving.


Recommendations and diving legislation in the Maldives

In keeping with the idea of "safe leisure", Maldives regulation limits the dive profile to 30 meters in depth, 60 minutes and within the safety curve (diving without decompression stops).

Required documents :
A medical certificate dated less than 1 year authorizing the practice of scuba diving.
A dive log.
A diving qualification card (including Nitrox if certified).
An insurance certificate for the current year.

Terms and conditions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees apply to transfers, diving services and hotel reservations.
All cancellations must be sent in writing by mail, fax or email. The reception date of your cancellation will determine the amount of charges.
The following cancellations will be invoiced.

Cancellation policy for individual registrations
  • Cancellations from 60 to 31 days before the date of the boat's departure: 30% of the total cost of the cruise. 
  • Cancellations from 30 to 15 days before the date of the boat's departure: 50% of the total cost of the cruise. 
  • Cancellations 14 days before the date of the boat's departure: 100% of the total cost of the cruise.

Cancellation policy for group registrations (from 10 participants)  and for charters 
  • Cancellations from 90 to 61 days before the date of the boat's departure: 30% of the total cost of the cruise. 
  • Cancellations from 60 to 31 days before the date of the boat's departure: 50% of the total cost of the cruise. 
  • Cancellations 30 days before the date of the boat's departure: 100% of the total cost of the cruise.

The minimum number of participants required to ensure the departure of a cruise depends on the total capacity of the vessel:
  • Boats from 16 to 20 seats: Minimum of 12 participants
  • Boats from 20 to 22 seats: Minimum of 14 participants
  • Boat with 22 places and more: Minimum of 16 participants

At over 30 days from departure, Dune reserves the right to cancel a cruise without compensation if the number of participants is insufficient. 
Reservations can still be made up to 4 days before departure. ·
At the latest, clients must arrive at the airport the afternoon before their cruise departs. The cruise departure cannot be deferred due to a flight delay, except in the case of a charter. In this case, the return date of the cruise will remain as originally planned. The dive package will be adjusted to reflect the number of days on board. Customers should be covered thereafter by their agency or by the airline.

Payment - Reimbursement - Litigation

  • A minimum 30% deposit must be paid by the customer in order to confirm his reservation. 
  • The balance is due 30 days prior to departure for an individual booking and 60 days before departure for groups and charters. 
  • On-board payments must be made in cash or check (except tips). · Failure to follow a route does not result in compensation or reimbursement of taxes.
  •  Failure to follow the program does not result in compensation (e.g.: not completing 15 dives due to poor weather or insufficient diving level...)
  • Changes made to the boat or selected marinas do not give rise to compensation.
  • A possible Nitrox malfunction does not give rise to compensation.
  • Customers are individually responsible for all their personal effects. Damage to personal belongings due to negligence or omission shall not give rise to any claim against Dune. 
  • No refunds will be provided if a customer fails to make all the proposed dives, either on his own accord or due to a temporary restriction from the dive instructor in charge of the boat.
  •  Flight delays: DUNE France and DUNE Maldives cannot be responsible for flight delays. DUNE does not provide meals or extra nights caused by delays or schedule advances made by charters or scheduled airlines.

Cruise Cancellations and Force Majeure

Dune reserves the right to cancel a stay or cruise for reasons of force majeure such as natural disasters, epidemics, war, strikes, and riots, etc ...

Dune declines all responsibility during these events such as injuries, death or destruction of personal property due to acts of war, insurrection, military action, revolution or exceptional meteorological or seismic events that are beyond its control. Any unforeseeable insurmountable event beyond Dune's control is considered a case of force majeure. If a force majeure event occurs, the customer will be notified as soon as possible. If the trip or stay is canceled or shortened due to natural disasters, revolutions, wars, or governmental decisions, the customer cannot claim any compensation. This also goes for anything that may limit benefiting from certain services.

The closing of roads, airports, railway stations, marinas or the suspension or removal of a train, plane, or boat... due to carrier or administrative decision... are not covered by Dune and do not give rise to compensation.

Practical info


Each dive is guided. Groups can be from 6 to 8 divers per guide.


Level 2 or Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) with a minimum of 50 dives is required. An Open Water Diver (OWD) level with over 80 dives is acceptable provided an AOWD is obtained at the beginning of the stay to remain compliant with local prerogatives required for safari trips.
The diver without an adequate level for his own safety and that of the group (evaluated by one of the guides) may be excluded from some technically difficult dives (without compensation) or a private guide will be imposed at a cost of $160 per dive day.
All routes and the number of dives outside of the package will depend on passenger wishes, weather, local regulations and are subject to the discretion of the primary instructor on board.


On board, both local cuisine and international menus will be served.


Accommodation is based on double shared cabin .
Beds in superior cabins can be mooved to form a large bed or 2 single beds. 
A supplement is charged for a single cabin.


Airport pick up

Passengers are greeted at the airport by a DUNE Maldives correspondent, holding up a "DUNE" sign. This local correspondent will generally be waiting just outside the arrival hall after the baggage claim and customs clearance area.


For cruises arriving and departing from Malé, passengers are transferred to the DUNE Maldives chartered boats via the diving Dhoni leaving from the marina of Malé International Airport (duration: approximately 20 minutes). The first transfer including in the service is at 15h00 from Male airport. The return transfer from the last day will be organized right after the breakfast.

  • Those arriving before 15h00 on Saturday morning should book an "Early Check-In". If the boat is available upon arrival on Saturday morning, they can be transferred earlier (until 11.00 am) from the airport to the boat. Each guest will be asked to pay a participation price of $45. This price covers the costs of the half-day on board, lunch and private transfer. 
  • On the way back and depending on return flight schedules, guests can book a “Late Checkout”. If the boat is available upon departure on Saturday afternoon, they can be transferred later (until 14.00pm) from the boat to the airport. Each guest will be asked to pay a participation price of $45. This price covers the costs of the half-day on board, lunch and private transfer. 
  • Depending on return flight schedules, guests should also reserve a "Day-Use". Two options are available:
  1. Snorkeling Trip with Dune Maldives’ team, including the lunch and the transfer to the airport at the end of the day (price : 60 USD)
  2. Guest house : access to a room and hotel services. Lunch not included and transfer to the airport included. Charge will be paid directly on place. Price starting from 60 USD.

IMPORTANT "Early check-in" and "late check-out" are subject to boat availability. During these days, the boat is in transition between two liveaboards. Cabins are not available due to cleaning. Guests will be free to use common areas. Therefore guests from the liveaboard ending could meet with guests from the liveaboard on departure.


Tips for the crew, recommended at $12 per person per day spent on board, could be given at the end of the stay before leaving.

Vital equipment

Compulsory equipment (per diver)
  • A dive computer. 
  • A surface marker buoy, SMB.
  • An emergency sound or visual signaling system.

You can also rent you equipment locally. 

Helpful equipment

Highly recommended :
  • A lamp or flashlight.
  • A second emergency lamp.
  • A reef hook.
  • A weighted belt or pockets.


Information and documents required for customer registration :
  • A passport with a minimum of six months validity after the return date is mandatory and must be shown when passing through customs. 
  • The full name of each passenger. 
  • The passport number. 
  • The diver's level and his number of dives. 
  • Details of flight arrivals and departures. 
  • A passport photocopy for booking domestic flights. 
  • Any special instructions involving reserving cabins, courses, Nitrox, or the rental of diving equipment...

Activities for non-divers accompanying the diving and snorkeling cruises such as initial dives, courses, snorkeling (PMT) or island visits and other activities are subject to the availability of the guides, logistical constraints and the diving activities.

Participants in swimming, snorkeling or first dives should make sure they are in good physical condition and able to participate in such water activities and swimming. A swimming test is mandatory at the beginning of the stay. If necessary, the guides may require specific snorkeling training and/or the wearing of a snorkel vest or a shorty to ensure participant safety (minimum age of 8 yrs old is recommended). Guided snorkeling activities not included in the program cost an extra $20 per 45- minute session. A private guide may be imposed by decision of the monitors on board on any participant whose technical level is not sufficient for his own safety. For the same reasons, the monitors on board can prohibit certain activities they deem too difficult (without compensation).

Health information & recommendations

A first-aid medical kit is available on the boats. However, it is strongly recommended that passengers bring along their own first-aid kits, with sunscreen, seasickness pills, mosquito repellent, antihistamine cream and other medication according to your doctor's prescription and those for the destination.


Water temperature is around 26°C all year round.


220V with international adaptors in living room and cabins.  

Sustainable tourism

Dune Maldives is a member of the Longitude 181 Association.
Beach Clean Ups are organized on desert islands.
An individual water bottle with your name on it is provided on board.

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Northern Cruises
Essentials From august to november Full sharks Hammerhead Liveaboard Manta Ray Whale shark
15 days
16 to 28 persons
From €3,115
French / English / Chinese


North itinerary, renowned for manta rays and post card landscape.

Guide's advice

A dream liveaboard for the manta lovers.

Required level

50 dives recomended. 
Advanced Open Water Diver - Level 2  (AOWD courses available on board)

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